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Gloucester Kings Square and Kings Quarter Regeneration

Proposals to deliver a vibrant new ‘creative’ quarter within the city with Kings Square at its heart. What’s Your View?

“Once we invest in and create social capital in the heart of our communities, the economic capital will follow.”
- Mary Portas, The Portas Review

We believe that the plans, drawings and proposals displayed on this website will provide you with clear insight into the City Council’s aim to bring new life, energy and economic renewal into this key part of the City.

It’s important to understand that these are early days in the planning process.

We may not have all of the solutions and answers to every question you have at this stage - We have been consulting with specialist groups and individuals across the city about the Kings Quarter Regeneration project.

Please, please take some time to record your views in the website’s feedback section.

What and where are we talking about?

The ‘Kings Quarter’ Area falls within the red-line of the plan shown below. It includes Kings Square, The Oxbode, St Aldate Street and the area to the North East of Market Parade.

Above site location marked in red.

Above site location marked in red.

How we began the consultation

We began by hosting a series of discussion workshops aimed at local groups, organisations and individuals from across the City representing everything from arts & culture, retailing, social inclusion and economic development - to policing, technical services and transportation.

The key question asked was: What are the key issues and aspirations you would want to see addressed in the preparation of an Architectural Design Brief for Kings Square?

The responses provided us with a clear insight into the issues and opportunities that people wanted the Design Brief to explore.

Looking into Kings Square from Oxbode

Looking into Kings Square from Oxbode

Kings Square ‘Renewed’... Place, People and a Fresh Purpose!

“Each time I walk across Kings Square I want to see  something that makes me smile.”
- Consultation Workshop

Kings Square has served as the ‘heart of the city’ since it was opened in 1929… but the retail and leisure landscape is changing so quickly and dynamically these days that the need to meet those challenges cannot be delayed.

The draft design brief for Kings Square proposes that the Square becomes a new ‘gateway’ into the City – particularly for people arriving by bus and train. A place that provides space to meet, celebrate, be informed and entertained in. It must have a programme of events and activities throughout the year and be managed properly.

Kings Square Master Plan - Click to read annotations

Kings Square Master Plan - Click to read annotations

Kings Square performance at night

Kings Square performance at night

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Do you have any friends, neighbours or colleagues who'd like to comment on this proposal?


Please use this feedback form to record any comments and views you may have about the development proposals. The feedback we receive will be shared with members of Gloucester City Council technical team to help guide and inform the design of the site.

Simply click the Send Feedback button when you have completed your comments.

The feedback comments will be recorded verbatim in a Statement of Community Involvement which will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority as part of a future planning application. A unique reference number will be assigned to each comment; any direct personal data in the comment is redacted. Please read our Privacy Notice for further details.

The email, website and Freepost response facilities will be available throughout the statutory consultation period.

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